Sunday, April 22, 2012

May I See Your I.D. Please

My husband Bob, my 14-year old daughter Melissa, my inherited daughter Jessica and I sat in a fancy Italian restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland on the eve of my 47th birthday.   As the waitress handed us the wine menu, I decided to break from my traditional beverage of choice (diet coke) and go for something a bit stronger.

Jessica, 10 years my junior, ordered a glass of wine.  The waitress, who admitted we were her first customers to be served on her very first day on the job, informed Jessica of the strict restaurant policy of asking everyone for I.D., thus proving they are of legal age to drink.  Jessica, who had not been carded in quite some time, happily displayed her driver's license. 

With anticipation, I reached for my wallet.  At the ripe old age of 46 years + 364 days, could I possibly experience the insane joy of someone thinking I am not yet old enough to legally have a glass of wine?

Jessica gave her order and the waitress turned to me.

"Do you need to see my I.D. too?" I asked in eager anticipation.

"No, that's ok," she replied.

Apparantly "everyone" did not include me.


Yes, I have officially entered the dreaded "UPPER 40s"!  

You see, when 45 rolled around two years ago, I still felt connected to 44, which is officially a member of the  the "early 40s" family.

Last year, as I begrudgingly welcomed 46, I still felt quite close to 45, so I could reasonably consider myself in the early 40s. 

But 47 is not connected to anything, there are no more excuses.  I am just, plain and simple, getting old.   And here are the top five reasons why:

1. I recently received an email inviting me to become a member of the American Association of Retired Persons.
2. Even though my daily diet consists of rations that would make a rabbit jealous, the needle on the scale just WILL NOT BUDGE!  (To clarify, it does budge occassionally, except in the wrong direction)
3. I get winded riding on my exercise bike.
4. My morning routine includes plucking grey hairs out of my head.
5. My idea of a night cap is a glass of prune juice.  (Nothing beats regularity!)
Birthday are a time of reflection, and looking back on the past 47 years, I realize I spent so much time playing the "can't wait" game.

I can't wait until I can drive.
I can't wait to graduate high school.
I can't wait until I have a boyfriend.
I can't wait until I graduate college.
I can't wait until I get a real job.
I can't wait until I get a better job.
I can't wait until I get married.
I can't wait until I have children.
I can't wait until I get a promotion.
I can't wait until we can buy a house.

Today, after uttering the "can't wait" phrase more times than I can count, I am finally at the phase in my life where all of the pieces have fallen into place.   When I leave for work every morning, I do so with the confidence gained from years of experience in health care public relations and marketing.  When I come home from work, I enter into my dream home, purchased after working hard, saving, and moving several times for both my work and Bob's.  Waiting for me when I get home is Bob, who has remained my true love and best friend for 18 years, and Melissa, who has blossomed into such a beautiful and talented young lady.  My beautiful inherited daughter Jessica, who lives in Washington, DC, is happy and healthy and successful.  And even my kitty cat still gets delighted when I walk through the door at the end of the day (although, I admit, it's because he knows he's going to get fed)

I have everything I need and everything I want, right here, right now.   On the whole, I'd say 47 ain't so bad after all.  Happy birthday to me!  Just don't let me forget these sentiments in a year's time. 

Turning 48, well, I can wait!
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  1. I'm a 65 baby too!! I turn the number you are now in October, I'm not going to write it because I'm not ready to accept it yet!!! It is a strange time isn't it. I will say that the one thing I like about being in my 40's in that I don't care about what people think the same way I use too. I also feel entitled to my opinion and my space on this planet. Not a bad place to be. I love this post!! Happy birthday! I'm glad you are at a great place in your life!!! xo

  2. Kathy, I totally agree! I think I was posting on your blog the same time you were posting on mine!

  3. Lisa, I remember my 40's. That was my youth. You're still young, babe, says someone who is well into her 50's. Enjoy those tender, youthful years while you can. At my age, somewhere inside me I still feel like my old self. But now my body is not letting me live in denial. These stinking knees, the cholesterol battle, and worst of all, I finally can say, I feel bad about my neck!