Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Day

Today is New Year's day.  I am sitting here thinking ahead to the long months of January and February, where daylight is scarce and winter weather advisories warn of weeks of plunging temperatures. 

Yet for today, just for today, I keep thoughts of cold and snow at bay while relishing in the memory of last night's celebration.  Gone are the days when New Year's Eve came with pressure to have the very best time dancing and drinking the night away.  Instead, my husband Bob, 16-year old daughter Melissa and I spent the last evening of the 365 day cycle in the comfort of our home, surrounded by people we love. 

The adults gathered in the family room to chat and reminisce as the clock ticked down the final hours of 2013, while the teens took over the living room... away from their embarrassing parents.

When the infamous Times Square ball prepared for its midnight drop, we poured the champagne (sparkling cider for the kids) and all gathered together, adults and teens alike, for the final count down.

10....9....8....7....6....5....4....3....2....1   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I plopped onto Bob's lap and planted the first kiss of 2014 on his lips, as the kids popped open their containers of dollar store confetti!  Then came the hugs! Lots and lots of hugs as everyone in the room captured the moment of joy, of a new beginning, of a promise for 365 new days of peace, good health, happiness and love.  

Finally, as the adults tried their best to stifle their yawns, we cleaned up the confetti that now littered my carpet, piled the dishes in the sink, said our goodbyes, and wearily went to bed. 

Tomorrow we'll return to work and school and exercise and diets, but today, just for today, I'm content in knowing that 2014 started out right!

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers, and thank you for visiting my blog!

Bob and me at our New Year's Eve celebration!

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