Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My First Guest Post!
Menopause: Welcome to the Heated Years...Navigating Through "The Change"

I am thrilled to have a guest post on Be Prepared. Period. This is a wonderful website dedicated to the menstrual health of women and girls, covering everything from puberty to menopause.  Here's a sneak preview!

Menopause: Welcome to the Heated Years....
Navigating Through "The Change"

Each morning before leaving the house, I used to check the weather channel to find out if I should wear a coat.  But these days it truly doesn’t matter what the thermostat says….I won’t wear one anyway.


Because I am always hot.

The car thermostat could read 32 degrees and I’ll be turning the air conditioner full blast onto my sweltering face while my poor husband Bob, in the driver’s seat, quickly succumbs to hypothermia.

Yes, I have entered into the stage of life called ..... 

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  1. I just commented on your guest post. Jeez, like us gals didn't already have enough to torment us; by all means, bring on the danged hot flashes!!!!! Gah! :-) Still, if we can look at and experience these outrages, I guess we're doing ok.

    1. Thanks Mina...gotta have a sense of humor about this stuff - it helps you cope!

  2. Great post---just left a comment over there for you!