Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guess Who I'd Like to Meet in Person!

This has been somewhat of a strange week.  Last Sunday, as Mother's Day dawned, I woke up feeling like someone was jabbing an ice pick into my throat.  Scheduled for brunch at my mom's house, I nearly cancelled...but thoughts of her disappointed voice on the other end of the phone prevented me from going with my gut.

I should have gone with my gut.

We came home a few hours later, and I promptly threw my weary body onto the living room sofa.  Ten  minutes later I tucked a blanket around my shivering limbs, and asked my husband Bob and 14-year old  daughter Melissa if they, too, were freezing cold.  Melissa, clad in shorts, stared at me as if I had three heads.

"No Mom, it's not cold in here," she replied.


I drew on the tiny bit of energy still left in my bones and trudged upstairs to the bathroom, threw open the medicine cabinet, dusted off the ole thermometer and popped it in my mouth.  Sure enough, two minutes later the mercury confirmed my suspicions.  Somehow, somewhere, I had contracted a fever.

Monday and Tuesday became bed-bound days, as the fever lingered.  Wednesday I returned to work with a normal temperature, but an ice pick still stuck in my throat.  What's more, a second, more pointed dagger had lodged itself in my ear.  Tired and frustrated, I struggled to make it through the mandatory activities of my week...thus ignoring one of my true passions, this blog.

So when I logged back on, my frown turned upside down when I discovered a fellow blogger had "tagged" me, thus telling the world that she considered my blog good enough to share!  Thank you Monica from Monica's Tangled Web - your shout out meant the world to me, and put a happy ending on a dreary week.  Check out Monica's delightful and witty blog, you'll enjoy it!

As part of this honor, I must now answer a series of questions.

Pop Tarts - frosted or unfrosted?  For this question there is no contest  (drum roll please)  FROSTED!  The delectable pop tart takes me back in time to my counselor days at Camp Nock-a-Mixon where, as a special treat, about once a week, as a group of bleary-eyed little girls made their way into the dining hall for breakfast, a basket full of pop tarts would be waiting to greet them, just sitting there in the middle of the table.  A free for all followed, with dozens of little hands grabbing for the best flavors!  Of course, as the counselor and supposed "adult" of the group (is 19 considered an adult?), I should have sat back and let the little ones have their pick.  But heck no, I wanted a chocolate frosted pop tart, and I didn't care how many eight year old girls I had to push out of the way!!!

What's your favorite quote?  "It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities." J.K. Rowling

What are your proud of?  Hands down, no contest, my daughters!

Jessica, my inherited daughter, came into my life at age 15.   As a teen, community involvement held a special place in her heart, but unfortunately upstaged the need to study, causing her grades to suffer.  However, that passion has carried her throughout her career, and today, she lives in Washington, DC, fighting for the rights of working men and women as a union executive.  Not stopping there, a few weeks ago she gave me even more to brag about.....a photo with President Obama!  My sweet, little Jessica who used to keep her be room so dirty you could not see the floor, is now hobnobbing at the White House with the President!!!

My love of my life Melissa!  As she nears the end of her middle school career, I marvel at how much she has matured!  I credit much of this to a deep-rooted appreciation of music, a passion which gave her the impetus  to audition for, and be accepted to the All South Jersey Chorus.  She also appeared in her middle school's production of Annie, performed in her school chorus, entertained the crowd with two solo performances, and received straight As, earning her place on the honor roll to boot!

What ambition do you still have?  I would like to publish a book of all of my blog posts, and became a best-selling author!

Who would you like to meet who is still living?  As many of my regular readers know, I have an obsession with Harry Potter.  I would love to have lunch with J.K. Rowling and ask her how she created this incredible, magical world that has morphed from fiction into somewhat of a suspended reality for me.  Reading about Harry's adventures over and over takes me away from the daily demands of my "real" world, until I wonder, maybe Hogwarts does exist, but as a mere muggle I just can't see it!  (Yes, I am a goober, I know)

However, if pressed on the issue, the one person I would love to meet, even more than Harry's creator, is Paul McCartney!  Two years ago, Bob and I took Melissa to see Sir Paul in concert in Philadelphia.  I had seen him twice before, as had Bob, but for Melissa, this should would count as her first!  We introduced her to the Beatles at a young age, and I am convinced the lads from Liverpool played a strong role in her passion for music.

I don't know what I'd say to Sir Paul, (after being revived from my fainting spell).  I know that Bob and Melissa, with much more musical knowledge than I, would discuss technique with him.  I guess is I would just thank him for letting the world have access to his incredible talent and for creating such timeless music.

During the concert, my thoughts drifted to the two Beatles no longer with us.  John, robbed of life by a mad man, and George, who sadly succumbed to cancer over ten year ago.  The world will always wonder, how much more could John and George have given, if given the chance to live?  But with Paul, happily, we don't need to wonder.  As I watched him at the piano, hitting the notes to the timeless, iconic classic, "Hey Jude", I wondered if this would be the first.............and last time Melissa would see him.  For he is aging, and, although I hope he'll keep going forever, tomorrow never knows.  (For my non-Beatles readers, tomorrow never knows is the title of a Beatles song).

So Paul, please let me know when you are free for lunch, I'll pencil you in!!

Alrighty then, back to reality.  For the second part of the honor, I must "pay it forward", which is not hard to do!  I am officially honoring the following terrific blogs by tagging them!  Check out my fellow fabulous writers, and thank you for visiting my page!

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  1. Lisa, I'm so sorry you've been ill! I hope you're now on your way to recovering from what sounds like a nasty bug. Fevers and chills are the worst! Congratulations on being nominated! Woo hoo! I'm honored you would tag me, lady. Thank you so much! I have to say I agree with you--I would love to become a best selling author! hee hee! And I too would want to meet J.K. Rowling. They say she created the Harry Potter series whilst sitting in a coffee shop. Now how's that for inspiration! Get well soon, lady! :)

    1. Hi Bella, thanks so much for your kind wishes. Actually, JK Rowling thought of Harry on a train. But she actually wrote many parts of the 1st book while sitting in a coffee shop, with her young daughter in a stroller. She was a single mom, barely getting by...not any more!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out!! You made my day!! I'm glad you are feeling better! I have to say your Melissa and my Tom would probably really hit it off. He is a huge Beatles fan and had the thrill of seeing Sir Paul in concert last year! I always enjoy stopping by your great site!

    1. Hi Kathy! There are many reasons I like you and now another! We both share great taste in music, and we have really cool kids!!

  3. Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Thank goodness my blog awards came in the nick of time to put that smile back on your face.

    I'm just so glad you reached out not too long ago and introduced yourself, for you have a wonderful, humorous blog that is always a pleasure to read. Have a great week!

  4. Lisa
    As soon as I saw the title of this one I knew what your answer would be. I wonder if he ever listened to our tape? I truly enjoy your blog every week. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Sorry you were sick on Mother's Day. Bleh. Glad you're better now though. Congrats on the shout out! Your daughters are really something special. No wonder you're so proud! Oh, and the Pop Tarts? Why do they even bother making unfrosted ones? Does anyone eat those?

    1. I know Melissa, it does seem a waste to make the non-frosted!